25 Things I Did in 25

On October 18th, 2018 I turned 26 years old, and took a minute to reflect on the past year. 25 was an extremely pivotal year for me – and an emotional rollercoaster, to say the least. I started 25 in a serious relationship, fully thinking that I was going to get married to the man I was with. Needless to say, that abruptly ended (more on that later) and I ended the year in the most special relationship I never knew I could have – the one with myself. I ended the year with a sense of empowerment, a new perspective on life.

As I look back, here’s 25 things I did in my 25th year of life.

  1. I took a solo trip to the beautiful city Toronto and scratched solo travel, Niagara falls, and exploring a new country all off my list.
  2. I got my heart broken, and I made it through that.
  3. Before realizing how happy I am being single, went on a handful of mediocre (and some outright bad) dates through dating apps. I also went Speed Dating. Spoiler alert – I’m still single.
  4. I expanded my guilty pleasure for reality TV and started watching Vanderpump Rules from the beginning. And watched a whole lot of the Bachelor.
  5. I listened to a whole lot of podcasts – my favorites are U Up, Scrubbing in With Becca Tilley and Tanya Rad, and Almost Famous. Fun fact, I even was a caller into one of those podcasts once.
  6. I left the job in public relations I had for 3+ years for a new job with a higher title and new clients.
  7. I got involved with Children.org and started sponsoring two beautiful children – Angel in the Dominican Republic and Oscar in Honduras.
  8. I started (sort of) participating in the Tone It Up nutrition plan. I’ve had so much fun trying new recipes and playing around with ways to get healthier.
  9. But then, I also ate a WHOLE lot of food and drank a shit ton of beer and wine. #Balance I went to beer festivals, wine festivals, breweries, and countless bars and restaurants.
  10. I traveled for work and pleasure – Some places I went include Detroit, Denver, California, Tampa, Washington DC, Virginia.
  11. I visited the beautiful St. Croix in the USV1 and volunteered with local organizations to help families bounce back from last year’s destruction.
  12. I joined Bumble BFF and made some amazing new friends.
  13. I saw some awesome concerts, including queen Taylor Swift, 5 Seconds of Summer, and one of the biggest highlights of the year – the Stagecoach Festival in Palm Springs.
  14. I started taking guitar lessons. I had wanted to learn my whole life, even had friends chip in and buy me a guitar when I was 15 and I never learned to play. At 25 I decided better late than never.
  15. I tried Drunk Yoga – highly recommend. Rules of Drunk Yoga – if you have to re-fill during the class, you have to pour your glass in a yoga pose of your choice in front of everyone.
  16. I held parties for Halloween, the Super Bowl and the holidays. I have so much fun hosting in my small New York City apartment.
  17. I went to the Belmont Stakes. My roommate somehow won a VIP package  and we got access to the Champagne Room, open bar, and got to witness a Triple Crown win.
  18. I went to the Jersey Shore.
  19. I tried a bunch of meal delivery services – my favorite is Hello Fresh.
  20. I went to Santa Con.
  21. I started keeping a journal.
  22. I tried a bunch of new work out classes – from barre, to mega-former pilates, to Soul Cycle, to Peter Kraus’s from the Bachelorette’s workout class. Obviously, there’s a recurring theme here that I love the Bachelor.
  23. I went to several events – some highlights were Secret Summer and the Jazz Age Lawn festival.
  24. I finally straightened out my mess of teeth through Smile Direct Club.
  25. I went to the vineyards in Long Island for a day to celebrate a friend’s engagement. There is nothing like a day at the vineyards – my favorite way Baiting Hollow, a really fun vineyard with a life band which was playing Honkey Tonk all day and a small barn where horses are roaming around.

What are some highlights of your year? Let me know in the comments below!


Author: Chasing Wine and Waterfalls

Welcome to Chasing Wine and Waterfalls, a lifestyle site where you will get a little bit of everything. I started this blog as a creative outlet apart from my day job, which I was desperately craving during a bit of a rut shortly after I turned 26. On Chasing Wine and Waterfalls, you will find some travel stories and tips, NYC living, and probably a whole lot of complaining. Thanks for hanging out with me - grab a glass and stay a while.

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