Solo Trip to Toronto: Part 2

If you haven’t read Part  1 of my solo trip check it out here to learn about my trip so far. Now we’re on Day 2 of my Canadian adventure, and up to this point, I was having an absolutely wonderful time walking around, taking in this beautiful new city, and meeting new people. I was a little tired the night before and threw my initial plans of hitting the hotel gym out the window, and started on my day.

I kicked things off with a stroll to Tim Horton’s because #Canada. My first experience at Tim Horton’s really just taught me that they won’t give you coffee black unless you ask for it. I got my iced coffee loaded with cream and sugar which in New York, I would have sent back in exchange for a black coffee, but I wanted to do things the Canada way. I got it with their breakfast sandwich biscuit which was delicious. Canada was surprisingly warm that day so I ventured on a long walk to the Royal Ontario Museum.

I definitely got lost a few times on this walk which ended up taking the 25 minute walk over an hour. I didn’t mind the detours at all because I saw so many beautiful parts of the city during this walk – leaving downtown and headed towards the cute neighborhood of Queen West I saw amazing architecture and stunning buildings like the Legislature Buildings, I saw the beautiful Queens Park and the University of Toronto. When I finally got inside the museum, I bought a general admission ticket (which was $20CA.)

As soon as I walked into the museum, I had to smile at the huge dinosaur sculpture you see right there – it’s just like the one at the American Museum of Natural History back in New York. This ROM is one of the largest museums in North America and has a huge range of nature and culture exhibits. I easily could have stayed all day, but I spend around 4 hours there. Highlights for me definitely included the room of minerals and rocks – I’m a sucker for minerals – I think they are just so fascinating! Another highlight for me definitely included the third floor which was full of decked out rooms from victorian eras – living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms all set in beautiful old fashioned decor.

After a break for lunch and a little decompression (and resting my feet after walking around for hours), I ventured to the CN tower, only about a 15 minute walk from the DoubleTree. Before I headed to the tower, I stopped by the Steam Whistle Brewery right by the tower. The outside decor of this was definitely a highlight – right by the train museum, there are train tracks and trains surrounded the area. I went into the Steam Whistle Brewery and they had a special that if you follow them on Instagram they would give you a free Pilsner.  I’m not a big fan of Pilsner’s (more of an IPA girl) but the beer was pretty good and the brewery had a really cool, rustic vibe.

Then, I went to the CN Tower and paid the $40 to go up to the top. I debated paying so much money for the experience and I am SO glad I did. It was a super cloudy and dim evening so I can only imagine how amazing the view would be if it was a clear night. I also didn’t stay for sunset, but would definitely recommend doing so. The views from the top are absolutely unreal – overlooking the entire city of Toronto at  553.3 meters high, you see the Toronto islands, all of the city and I of course enjoyed it with a glass of wine. They do have a restaurant up there which I have heard great things about.

I ended the night with dinner and a glass of wine at the hotel restaurant, and went to bed early with a face mask to get ready for the next day – I had to be up early for a trip to Niagara falls.

Stay tuned for the third – and final – post of my Toronto adventure!


Author: Chasing Wine and Waterfalls

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