10 Ways I Get Through A Bad Day

You will notice the title of this blog is strictly  “ways I get through a bad day” – and not advice for how YOU should get through a bad day. Some of my tips and tricks I use to make myself feel better are not what self-help sites on the internet and books will tell you, but this is not a self-help site. This is a site to be fucking real.

We have all had days like this. I’m not talking about when you have a heartbreaking breakup, or someone passes away. That is a totally separate beast. I’m talking about the kind of day when maybe work sucks, or maybe the kind of day when every single thing is just not going your way and you feel like you can’t win. Or maybe the kind of day when you just are sad for no fucking reason and can’t shake your way out of it.

Here are some ways I get through a bad day.

Go to the gym.

I’m not talking about the whole “exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy, and happy people just don’t kill their husband kind of thing.” I’m talking about when something is just pissing you off so much that you pop in your favorite playlist (in this kind of state, I go for 2000’s emo hits – A Day to Remember, My Chemical Romance, Taking Back Sunday – yes PLEASE) and just fucking RUN until you are so tired out from it you’re completely beat. This is what I will do on a bad day when I’m really pissed, angry or worked up about something – if I’m just straight up sad, I definitely won’t be at the gym.

Take a long, hot shower.

There is no better place to be alone with your thoughts than a long, hot shower. No matter how shitty of a mental place I’m in, a shower always makes me feel (slightly better). I stay in there until I’m sick of thinking about what is pissing me off so much, and once I notice my mind has shifted, I get out. If I’m up for it, a face mask after will do wonders.

Play my guitar

Playing guitar is a new hobby for me, in fact before I picked it up I didn’t have much of a hobby at all. Channeling my thoughts into something creative does help me distract from whatever is bothering me.  I’m so new at it, that I have fun practicing and playing around with chords and notes, and it requires a different part of my brain’s attention than if I say, am turning on a funny movie that my mind can easily wander from.

Watch “Friends” 

Literally anytime I’m having a bad day (or a good day, sometimes) I turn on Friends. I’ve seen every episode a million times but it makes me laugh, I don’t have to concentrate on something new, and it just always makes me feel better. Friends has been there for me at truly the hardest of times.

Drink Alcohol

I told you this is not what the internet would recommend. I know you’re not supposed to “drink to feel better, you’re supposed to drink to feel even better.” But you know what? I’m not saying I get wasted by myself, but on a bad or stressful day, having a glass or two of scotch neat makes me feel better. The catch to this, is I try not to drink wine if I’m feeling sad or in a bad mood. I don’t ever want to start associating my favorite white wine with negative emotions – and usually when I’m in this kind of state I want the hard stuff anyway.


Similar to playing the guitar, I find that doing something hands-on and channeling energy into something else really helps me. I love to cook – I’ll find a new recipe, blast some music and get to it in the kitchen to make myself feel better.

Vent to One Person You Know Who Will Care

There was a point in time I used to vent to anyone and everyone who would listen, but found that was not fulfilling at all and would honestly just piss me off when people couldn’t totally understand or didn’t react exactly the way I wanted them to. Now, I go directly to one friend, who I know I can vent to and who will be there. I definitely prefer text over phone call in these situations because I just want to lie in bed and fire off thoughts.


I’m a big fan of journaling – I try to at least once a week  to recap the week and set intentions for the next. If I’m having a bad day, I definitely just write whatever the hell is on my mind, what’s pissing me off, and try to make sense of my emotions.

Lay on my couch and feel sorry for myself 

You heard me. Sometimes, you just need to  lay down and wallow, and do whatever the fuck you need to do in this moment. Whether that’s mindlessly surfing TV stations, scrolling through social media (yes, I know there is probably no better way to feel worse than to go on social media, I told you I don’t recommend it but that is what I do) or texting a friend, I just do whatever I feel I need to do. I spend so much time doing what I think I “should” be doing and sometimes you just need to stop for a minute and breathe.

Plan something for the future

For me, planning my next trip is always something that makes me feel better, because it makes me hopeful for a time that I will be out of the state that I’m in. Travel makes me excited and inspired, so looking up flights and planning my next adventure helps to pull me out of my funk.

What do you do to make yourself feel better on a shitty day? Let me know in the comments below!


25 Things I Did in 25

On October 18th, 2018 I turned 26 years old, and took a minute to reflect on the past year. 25 was an extremely pivotal year for me – and an emotional rollercoaster, to say the least. I started 25 in a serious relationship, fully thinking that I was going to get married to the man I was with. Needless to say, that abruptly ended (more on that later) and I ended the year in the most special relationship I never knew I could have – the one with myself. I ended the year with a sense of empowerment, a new perspective on life.

As I look back, here’s 25 things I did in my 25th year of life.

  1. I took a solo trip to the beautiful city Toronto and scratched solo travel, Niagara falls, and exploring a new country all off my list.
  2. I got my heart broken, and I made it through that.
  3. Before realizing how happy I am being single, went on a handful of mediocre (and some outright bad) dates through dating apps. I also went Speed Dating. Spoiler alert – I’m still single.
  4. I expanded my guilty pleasure for reality TV and started watching Vanderpump Rules from the beginning. And watched a whole lot of the Bachelor.
  5. I listened to a whole lot of podcasts – my favorites are U Up, Scrubbing in With Becca Tilley and Tanya Rad, and Almost Famous. Fun fact, I even was a caller into one of those podcasts once.
  6. I left the job in public relations I had for 3+ years for a new job with a higher title and new clients.
  7. I got involved with Children.org and started sponsoring two beautiful children – Angel in the Dominican Republic and Oscar in Honduras.
  8. I started (sort of) participating in the Tone It Up nutrition plan. I’ve had so much fun trying new recipes and playing around with ways to get healthier.
  9. But then, I also ate a WHOLE lot of food and drank a shit ton of beer and wine. #Balance I went to beer festivals, wine festivals, breweries, and countless bars and restaurants.
  10. I traveled for work and pleasure – Some places I went include Detroit, Denver, California, Tampa, Washington DC, Virginia.
  11. I visited the beautiful St. Croix in the USV1 and volunteered with local organizations to help families bounce back from last year’s destruction.
  12. I joined Bumble BFF and made some amazing new friends.
  13. I saw some awesome concerts, including queen Taylor Swift, 5 Seconds of Summer, and one of the biggest highlights of the year – the Stagecoach Festival in Palm Springs.
  14. I started taking guitar lessons. I had wanted to learn my whole life, even had friends chip in and buy me a guitar when I was 15 and I never learned to play. At 25 I decided better late than never.
  15. I tried Drunk Yoga – highly recommend. Rules of Drunk Yoga – if you have to re-fill during the class, you have to pour your glass in a yoga pose of your choice in front of everyone.
  16. I held parties for Halloween, the Super Bowl and the holidays. I have so much fun hosting in my small New York City apartment.
  17. I went to the Belmont Stakes. My roommate somehow won a VIP package  and we got access to the Champagne Room, open bar, and got to witness a Triple Crown win.
  18. I went to the Jersey Shore.
  19. I tried a bunch of meal delivery services – my favorite is Hello Fresh.
  20. I went to Santa Con.
  21. I started keeping a journal.
  22. I tried a bunch of new work out classes – from barre, to mega-former pilates, to Soul Cycle, to Peter Kraus’s from the Bachelorette’s workout class. Obviously, there’s a recurring theme here that I love the Bachelor.
  23. I went to several events – some highlights were Secret Summer and the Jazz Age Lawn festival.
  24. I finally straightened out my mess of teeth through Smile Direct Club.
  25. I went to the vineyards in Long Island for a day to celebrate a friend’s engagement. There is nothing like a day at the vineyards – my favorite way Baiting Hollow, a really fun vineyard with a life band which was playing Honkey Tonk all day and a small barn where horses are roaming around.

What are some highlights of your year? Let me know in the comments below!